The latest project from the WARHEADS began with our invitation to vocalist Grace, whose smoky interpretations of our compositions along with tenor saxophone player Gregg Mazel’s smooth, bluesy sound perfectly captured the chill atmosphere of these tracks. Now featured at

Track Title Time
1 Dirty Water 03:49
2 Bring the Track Back 06:06
3 Pull the Trigger 05:04
4 Take Me With You 05:35
5 Get Something Started 04:32
6 Slower Than You 05:03
7 Broken Spell 03:59
8 JB Dub 03:56
9 This Time, Faster 05:48

Music composed and performed by Bandit Queen, Produced by THE WARHEADS
All songs published by Drop The Bomb Music. BMI 2005


Recorded at Radical House, San Francisco CA
Engineered and mastered by Ron K and Eliot Bates
Assistant Engineer Virgil Scott .
Arranged by Ron K and JRS
Cover art by Mike Lewis

The Musicians

Vocals – Grace
Flute – Deepak Ram
Saxaphone Gregg Mazel
Guitar, Bass – Ron K
Drums – Tommy Ufkes
Turntables – DJ Zeph
Rhodes – Walter Earl
Organ – Matt Cunitz
Trumpet – Jon Birdsong
Rhythm Guitar – Paul Kolesnikow