Composed,Performed and Assembled by The Warheads
All music published by Drop the Bomb Music BMI 2011

It seems that we are now entangled in another legal dispute concerning our soundtrack for the film BOMBSHELL. All those involved are in the process of filing legal documents and preparing to bring legal action against each other. This includes the Producer, Director, Writer and the films Distributor.And to make matters worse it turns out that Ms Warhola’s claims about her parents has now come into question.
We have no legal action being brought against us but our soundtrack cannot be released in any manner by any party until all aspects of these proceedings have been resolved.
As a result we can only release the material that we presented to the filmmaker that was not used in the film and that we maintain all rights to do with as we see fit.
To that end we do so here. jrs

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Legal Representation : Seymour, Stein and Seymour
Cover: Anonymous