Due to ongoing legal proceedings THE WARHEADS are at this time prohibited from releasing in it’s entirety the recordings from our project THE OMNIBUS PROGRESSIONS.
The Court has allowed us to release small fragments of material which we do here as a matter of public record and offer these fragments to our listeners for free. It is our hope that in the near future all of these legal matters will be settled to the satisfaction of all concerned parties so this project can be released as it was intended. -jrs 6/6/10

Track Title
1 I’ll see you in my Dreams and in Court Download
2 That’s a Lie Download
3 Make me a Sandwich Download
4 Did you read the fine print Download
5 In a World with out end, there can be no escape Download
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Composed, Performed and Assembled by The Warheads and Others 2010
All songs Published by Drop the Bomb Music (Pending Settlement) 2010

Cover : Anonymous
Legal Representation : Seymour, Stein and Seymour