THE WARHEADS 1989-1994

This CD represents a small sample from our earliest recordings. These sessions feature spontaneous free jazz ensembles, hip hop beats, and sampled sound designs with world music. Recorded over a period of three years and employing some of San Francisco’s most experimental musicians, this project was the gateway to finding our sound and recording techniques.

Track Title Time
1 Oklahoma 03:45
2 You Owe Me 03:10
3 Night Crawler 03:32
4 Hanging Out 06:01
5 Jack Booted Thugs 03:24
6 Lighter Fluid 05:03
7 Off World 03:30
8 Once Again 03:53
9 Lonely Woman 06:08
10 Think Blink Think 03:20
11 For Her 03:47
12 Mr. Ayler 06:00
13 Listen To Me 07:00

This project is available for purchase from all major online stores worldwide.

Music composed and performed by THE WARHEADS
Produced by THE WARHEADS


All songs published by Drop The Bomb Music. BMI 2001
Recorded and mastered at Radical House, San Francisco CA
Arranged, mixed, and edited by THE WARHEADS