The Interview cover
This live on air interview took place in Algeria at station WAH RAE on
January 12th 2011.
The interview was conducted by M. Swan.
The audio portion was lost but the station did provide us with a written
We have embedded the tracks that were played on air into the interview-jrs

All music Composed,Performed and Assembled by The Warheads
All songs published by Drop The Bomb Music 2011

“Talking about music is like dancing about Architecture” FZ

M Swan: Tonight we have in our studio The Warheads. I’ll be talking to
them about their music, playing some unreleased tracks and perhaps we will
open the phone lines.

MS: Welcome to Algeria, What brings you to our country?
TW : Well, we’re just here on a short layover on our way to Yemen. We are scouting locations for a planned 2012 concert tour of the Middle East.
MS: Sounds interesting. There aren’t many American musicians touring this part of the world. Why the Middle East?
TW: Over the years, our fan base here has grown to a point that a tour in this region would make sense; besides, the producers make a point to perform in locations that other musicians either don’t consider or just avoid.
MS: I’m assuming your referring to your concert at Guantanamo Bay; tell us how that came about.
TW: That was in the works for some time and the National Council for Artist Rights were very instrumental in securing our passage to GITMO along with the DHS and the DOJ. It was nerve racking; but, the performance went off without a hitch.
MS: Why is the live performance schedule limited to only a few concerts?
TW That is by design. From the beginning, the producers Ron K and JRS made the decision that this would be a studio-based production with no live performances; it wasn’t until much later that they decided to plan a live set and to schedule where and when these performances would take place.
Our concert at ADX Florence was the second, and now there are plans to return to GITMO in the fall of this year.
MS: So up until now there have been only two live dates over the last 20 years?
TW: Not counting the FIELD RECORDING project, yes.
MS: Why?
TW: You’d have to ask them.
MS: Are you guys not part of these decisions?
TW: No. We are hired by the producers along with everyone else associated
with The Warheads to perform a specific job.
MS: And your job would be?
TW Scout locations for the planned tour.
MS: Are you musicians?
TW: No.
MS Do you know anything about the musical process that the producers use for their projects?
TW No.
MS So in fact there are only two members of The Warheads?
TW No one is sure about that.
MS Have you ever met them?
TW No.
TW Do you listen to their music?
TW No.
MS [Pause] I see.
MS: Well, this would be a good time to play a unreleased track from the GITMO performance. I understand that this cut was left off the project
website and that this is the first time it’s being played.
TW: Is it?
MS: Well that’s what my notes say.
TW: Inaudible
MS: It’s called “Event Canceled.” Download mp3

[interview ended]